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Living In The Mist

joey lugassy

In Genesis, Moses tried to explain that life was purely spiritual and that all creation or what we call physical phenomena is but the reflection or image of God or Consciousness. Creation is depicted as “Let there be” this, and “Let there be” that – never toiling, but rather, a beautiful flow of allowing the effect of Goodness to appear. Just like what the movies; “What the Bleep”, “The Secret” and quantum physics in general have been trying to explain lately. This is also at the heart of Buddhism. Then, Moses warns; “But a mist arose and watered the whole face of the earth.” In other words, there was a misunderstanding of this law of cause and effect, of divine creation, so Moses wrote the scenario of which we are currently under the influence. One of a personal, physical God which he now calls “Lord God” (like saying “Mr. God”). A personal ruler, much like a king, that took “adamah” or red clay (matter) and “formed a living soul” out of it (the birth of mistaking shadow for substance). This was Moses’ attempt to depict the illusion of what has been called the “Adam Dream” or “Fall of Man”.

One of the keystones to Judaism (therefore, Christianity and the Muslim faith) is the monotheistic nature of God. The term “chosen ones” came from the fact that Moses knew that all so called physical phenomena is but the reflection of Consciousness… the One Consciousness. No separate God of wind, God of trees, etc. Brilliant discovery. The other huge finding was that since substance is Consciousness or God, then all things “made” from that Consciousness are its reflection and not to be confused with it’s substance. This is the same as the common saying; “Don’t mistake the menu for the meal.” When one looks at a menu one knows that it is merely a representation of the actual substance. In this case the food. Unfortunately, the error goes much deeper than eating a cardboard menu, although you would eventually die if you made this your only food. The larger problem and the cause of all suffering today has also been called “worshiping the golden calf”, Idolatry and “praying to a graven image”. Confusing shadow for substance can be likened to looking in a mirror and trying to comb your hair in the reflection. At first thought this sounds ridiculous. Who would do this? Yet, if we see the body as simply the shadow of God or our very own Consciousness we can see that we do this everyday by trying to change the outward situations while continuing to conduct our Consciousness (thinking and believing), in the same way.

So, the “mist that watered the whole face of the earth” can be seen as a misunderstanding or illusion of that which we see, touch, taste, smell and hear. In Hindu philosophy this is called maya. The result of this being the world in which we live today, where each great spiritual work has practically been destroyed by the lack of understanding metaphor. We have some Jews saying that Jesus is not the messiah because when the messiah comes he will free them from all of their enemies, Christians saying that Jesus is the only messiah that has ever existed and it is he, as a personality, that must rule your heart and Muslims saying that Islamic Jihad means something other than the internal struggle that we must fight against our own ego.

“Messiah” has roots in ‘messenger’ or ‘deliverer’. What is important is the message or delivery. Jesus’ message, for instance, was love and understanding. This is what is important. This is substance. Someone once said that it’s as if Jesus said “Hey everyone, go this way!” and as he pointed with his thumb, instead of anyone going the direction he was pointing, they all started sucking it. We can thank and even love the grace of the messenger but isn’t it the message for which we are grateful? We seem to be stuck on the literal, worshipping the graven image, possessing God, Itself. This has led the world to torture, murder and countless wars.

Contained in the word “Islam” is ‘slam’, this comes from ‘salaam’. One of the meanings of ‘salaam’ is ‘surrender’. This, of course, is another way of saying “Thy will be done”. In a common example it is the relationship between a surfer and a wave. There is nothing the surfer can do but humbly learn how to be a part of the wave. Any ego or attempted dominance and the surfer is crushed. Great metaphor. When this word is taken literally it can be twisted to mean “make everyone surrender”.

What is it about us humans that want to have the corner on truth? Running around, chasing shadows with each claiming that their illusion is the only real one. We have fanatic Muslims making everyone else surrender or die, Christians claiming that everyone will burn for eternity if they don’t accept Jesus personally (even if you’re a monk in the Himalayas that has never heard of him but practice his message everyday) and we have everyone else worshiping, killing and dying for the ultimate of all golden calves… their Holy Land. TheHoly Land” is metaphor for a state of Pure Consciousness. It is not a place or object (graven image). I maintain that worshipping the graven image or form is the source of all suffering. These misunderstandings are destroying all that we love, leaving legacies of war for our children to inherit (the ultimate in child abuse) including destroying the earth itself! Please come home.

The decoding of Jesus’ “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” is an attempt to explain the science or secret of life. These are not three persons. They are aspects of Consciousness. A simple way to explain this in a short essay is to liken it to camera projection; “The Father”  (God) is the light source, “The Son” (Messenger) is the mechanical workings of the projector and “The Holy Ghost” (Man-ifestation) is the image that is on screen. This is the three in one process of Consciousness known as The Holy Trinity. In the analogy of the projector, the image can only be the reflection of the light source. Love in our heart is our light source. Love in our heart causes the fruition of Love in our experience. The Trimurti in Hinduism is a similar example with their metaphors of  Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (Shepard-Preserver) and Shiva (Phenomena). This understanding, of course, will “set you free” and this will change your enemies to loved ones. This is the message from all the messiahs; Please stop eating cardboard menus!

In Hinduism we say Shiva is the “Lord of destruction”. This can be seen as a rationalization for war or violence. After all, the Gods do it. For me, I am happy to see Shiva as that aspect of the One Consciousness that is impermanence or deconstruction. This approach has been so transformational to me. The fact is that in 100 years or so there will be no one left on this earth that is here today. There will be an entirely new cast of characters.

The moment we have phenomena, we have decay. Whether it is a human body, a leaf turning brown or a cloud going by. The Tibetan sand mandalas that take days to make and are destroyed with one swipe of the arm is an example that shows this impermanent nature of things so beautifully. So when we sing “Om Namah Shivaya”, we recognize and give reverence to this aspect of Consciousness. There is no idolatry here. No violence. No possession. This realization reminds us of the reason to be familiar with sitting still – to identify and dwell within that which will not deconstruct, that which is indestructible. This is Stillness or Emptiness.

The world is on fire! It is in part because of our lack of understanding each indigenous religion that has been graciously given to us by the enlightened prophets and poets that shared their insight and tried to explain it as poetry. Poetry tries to say with words, that which can not be said in words. So, in a sense, poetry points to something greater than itself, something beyond the story that is on the page. If we “read between the lines” we will first see white paper but in that blankness and stillness there will be the message. The message is the same every time…

Love one another!

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