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The Fine Balance Between Chopping Heads Off And Following Humbly: Consumption and Other Things

joey lugassy

The Buddha left his family and ate living beings.


Aldous Huxley ingested LSD on his death bed.


The Dalai Lama eats meat.


George Burns smoked until he was 99 and didn’t have a trace of cancer.


Thich Nhat Hanh wears leather shoes.


William W. Walter thought that Hindus and Buddhists were lost and that’s why their country looks as it does; impoverished, in chaos, and full of disease.


I was given cafe con leche as a child just before bedtime and slept like a log.


Terence McKenna, Shamans, and “Medicine Men” throughout the Americas believe that “the reason we have language and notions like community, altruism, loyalty, brotherhood and hope is because for a period of roughly a hundred thousand years we self-medicated ourselves and suppressed the poisonous presence of the calcareous tumor of ego.”


Jesus consorted with prostitutes, sinners, tax collectors, drank wine and ate lamb.


Zen Master, Bon Yeon, is known to follow the tradition of hitting his students 30 times with a stick;

“Hard training, a big dash of humor, and a little bit of kimchee… very spicy!”

Question: What is Buddha? Answer: “Dry shit on a stick”!  SMACK!


Is being smacked on the head with a stick good for you or healthy?


Is kimchee good for you?


Can a study be conducted proving that kimchee or hitting you on the head 30 times is harmful and may lead you away from the path?


Is the Samurai warrior a true path when the Buddha taught non violence and loving kindness?


Ascetics starve themselves even to the point of death.


Is starving yourself healthy?


Some Buddhists light themselves on fire to bring attention and compassion to a cause.


Is self immolation healthy?


Can a study be conducted that shows lighting yourself on fire is bad for your health?


Is anything ever damaged in reality?


Is anything ever lost in reality?


Will all these beings make it to the “Promised Land”?


The following is what I offer to this mixed bag of thoughts:

“Money is the root of all evil.” A popular misquote of 1 Timothy 6:10.

Here is a more accurate quote:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Herein may lie the answer: Maybe it’s not the thing, act, or deed that means anything? Perhaps it is the sense you have of what you’re doing that has meaning or counts? Money means nothing. It is neither good nor evil. The enlightened statement by Timothy means that when we love things instead of meaning it becomes lust. That is, craving image is the real sin. True wealth is the ability to desire and automatically give and receive on many levels. This is how it can be that some have accrued vast “fortunes” but are left with a completely impoverished and stingy sense of themselves and life, and how others that are monetarily weak, can be so wealthy, free, and generous.

In Judaism there is a law to not eat pork or shellfish.
The first level of this law is that it is unhealthy (bodily). The deeper law is to not indulge in the swinish element. To not partake (eat) in the scavenging element. A pig will eat fecal excrement because there is a piece of corn in it. Shellfish (selfish) eat the oceans floor (excrement). The even deeper meaning of this law is to teach you that you are not a limited being subject to victimization. You are the God Head, Itself.

So ask yourself who you would trust to hold on to one million of your dollars;

A man who eats bacon with his eggs in the morning but is the most loving, honest and giving person?

Or a man who never eats pork but is a cut throat business person who lies and cheats?

If you answered the former we are once again making clear that it is not what goes in the mouth but what comes out of the mouth.

Matt. 15:10 -11, 17 – 18
“Hear and understand: It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man! Do you not see that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the stomach, and so passes on? But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a man.”
And I’ll add – This is what he believes true and so experiences!

This is another way of saying it is not the thing but how the thing is perceived that matters. The word “matter” is very telling. At present we call what matters to us “matter” and what doesn’t matter – thought, meaning, spirit, etc. The concrete sense that we have about what we call matter is in actuality gassy, thin and not substantial. The meaning, the spirit, consciousness, is hard and concrete but we don’t experience this yet because of where we put our sense of importance or substance (“what matters”). Our journey is from sense to soul. From outside to inside. From image to meaning.

So, it’s not how much yoga you do.
It’s not how many Hail Mary’s you say.
It’s not how long you can meditate for.
It doesn’t matter if you play a hand of Black Jack.
It’s not how loyal you are to one faith.
It’s not how often you go to church.
It’s not the incense, robe, shaved head or Guru.

It is your sense and your sense alone that governs your path and no one can know for sure what your sense is except you. This is why the Buddha’s head should be chopped off if you see him on the path. Because even the Buddha doesn’t want you to follow him blindly. There are no rules but there is a Natural Law to be authentic and inquisitive with an open heart. A Natural Law, like when water in a stream hits a rock it goes around it.

It is also true that anyone of these methods will lead you to enlightenment.

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