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“Joey Lugassy’s songs and chants are filled with warmth and musicality and his voice beautifully conveys deep longings of the heart.” – Jai Uttal

“Joey Lugassy is a multi-talented kirtan artist whose connection to the inner heart of Bhakti permeates his kirtan and teachings. As a professional songwriter and yogi, his personal songs have become like anthems in the LA yoga community, calling forth the authentic soul of the human experience. Most of all, Joey is loved by all for his natural presence and depth as a bhakti rocker. In my life, there are a storehouse of memories of amazing yoga sessions with Joey and band that I treasure in my heart.” – Shiva Rea

“I just wanted him to play and play.” – India.Arie

(3 time Grammy award winner)

“Awesome voice! I can’t believe how he makes only two words that I don’t even understand, work so well.” – Diane Warren

(Grammy and Academy Award song writing legend)

“Joey Lugassy is frickin amazing!” – Dave Stringer


I have been so blessed to work with many different artists and styles of music throughout my life but none have moved me as much as kirtan and ecstatic chant. Thanks to Jai Uttal, I have truly started to bridge the elusive gap between performance and prayer, leaving me with the thought that maybe all performance is actually prayer. From Luciano Pavarotti to Whirling Dervishes; Kobe Bryant to Rudolf Nureyev, and from church choirs to Justin Timberlake; when pressed, they all say the same thing – “I’m in the zone, I get out of the way,” “It comes through me, not from me,” etc.

When we are really “doing it” (even folding a shirt) all these cliches apply and we realize how “at one with” became a cliche in the first place.

I’d also like to say here how indebted I am to Govindas, a Los Angeles based yoga teacher and beautiful kirtan singer. It is through his sweetness and generosity that I have found this vehicle that is teaching me so much and makes my heart fly. My intention is to do the same for all those who would like to join in.

Find Govindas here –

The music that I currently have uploaded is from past projects. I am in the process of putting together the more recent ecstatic chant music, ballads and grooves. I’ll keep updating the player below with latest works, including videos and other incarnations of my career so be sure to check back to this page.

L, joey


“Today” (Amnesty International) and some singer/songwriter songs —

For Lali

New Music Samples!

Bolo Ma (sample)

Om Namah Shivaya (sample~live)

I’ll Never Leave (sample~live)

Fresh Ganesh (sample~live)

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  1. love the site. when can we buy your music on line?